No Imran Puttin Meet Indian Diplomacy March on !

   By Power Corridors ,  18-Jun-2019
No Imran Puttin Meet Indian Diplomacy March on !

Indian diplomacy is the strongest when it comes to Pakistan..


Indian foreign ministry crawls no more in its days of yore. the credit certainly goes to Modi. A strong government has a strong foreign ministry. decisions are no more lethargic no more withdrawn. 


India talks with a sound confidence across the globe. and the world listens to it.  The respect Modi gained for his country is magnifying India’s success outside.

talk about the extradition of from the Middle East or Chinese military withdrawn at Myanmar border or Azhar Masood’s enlistment in the terror gangster list, India is no more a country with soft handles. India has its powerful silence which is becoming vocal in the Modi era.     

new chapter in the row is the major diplomatic setback in which Pakistan could not invite Russia to sit on a bilateral table. The meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan is no more existing which was proposed on the sidelines of a high-profile meeting in Beijing, as per a media info a couple of days ago. 

Pak Prime Minister’s hopes shattered flat and Imran Khan was only able to meet the Chinese President, Xi Jingping apart from meeting Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed Ali and the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon. It would be damn shocking to Pakistan and its allies too that during the two-day Belt and Road Forum (BRF) which ended on last Sunday, was attended by at least 37 heads of state and government present, Imran Khan could manage to meet none other than the above mentioned three leaders. 

No reason so far has come to light neither from Islamabad nor from Beijing. There was no immediate explanation from the governments clarifying the reason as to why more bilateral meetings could not be arranged between Pak Prime Minister and other world leaders present in the summit. 

The statement is more painful for Mr. Imran Khan other than its being insulting which had come from Pakistan Foreign Office itself prior to the summit that the Pak PM would not only attend the BRF but would also discuss in person with “several heads of state/governments and corporate and business leaders” during the Chinese summit. 

Although Mr Khan succeeded in holding meeting with IMF chief Christine Lagarde and World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva and had discussion about saving the drowning financial Pakistan. No guesses are required in figuring out how Pak PM managed to sit before the two global money masters separately. it certainly was a business meeting from their sides.

The silent cries were loud in air around the Pakistani skies being the hardest disappointment for the country due to its failure arranging a meeting between President Putin and PM Imran. So far the BRF was one of the biggest global opportunity slipped from the hands of Imran Khan, representing a neo-popular political regime in a hardcore nation. The world champion cricket star turned politician must be pondering over where he has faltered. it is also a no secrete fact that Pak Government did make a request upon Russian counterparts inviting them for a meeting between the two leaders, still it did not work. to parry the shame as well as the well-understood Indian reason behind the failure, Pak Foreign Office Spokesperson Muhammad Faisal rejected having any such information. He was not at all aware of such a request of the meeting from Pakistan, though the  wondered former ambassador Abdul Basit appeared shocked with the knowledge of the country’s falling flat in the efforts of arranging PM’s meetings with other world leaders in the summit, saying - “I cannot imagine our side could have missed seeking a bilateral with President Putin,” 

The former official then did cover the face too with ‘’May be Putin’s tight schedule did not allow it. there cannot be any other reasons than that,” 

The inside murmurs could be clearly heard out of Pak diplomacy reps since they were more than loud terming it a huge diplomatic setback on the part of Pakistan’s international existence. sure was it a big failure since it would have meant a lot for them and for the world as well. sitting together would have meant the Indian absence in the Russian mind itself for the Pak diplomats. now everyone may find Indian weightage behind Putin’s reluctance in sitting with Imran without looking around. their reluctance obviously is their well-thought move. Moscow’s being in good books of New Delhi probably was why they withdrew without giving an unwanted signal to Indian subcontinent.

Now coming to fore Indo-Russia amity is getting better which is reflected in the bilateral military companionship is improving gradually during the later part of this decade which also assisted the two countries coming out hand in hand forgiving their previous differences. and yes, New Delhi did not hesitate compelling Moscow to cancel their joint military exercise with Pakistan, during the post Uri Terror Attack days. Though Russia did not reconsider its movements with war games.

Even after all these clear and comprehensible readings on the countenance of the south Asian diplomatic reality the failure of the Pakistan-Russia meeting still seems indigestible on the other side of the Indo-Pakistan border.