No US Official to Receive Imran Khan at Airport

   By Power Corridors ,  22-Jul-2019
No US Official to Receive Imran Khan at Airport

With Pakistan already going through a state of financial crisis,Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to travel by a commercial flight, Qatar Airways, rather that a private jet

When Imran's flight touched down at Dulles airport, reportedly there was no high ranking US administration official to welcome him.

Later, Khan took a metro ride to the Pakistani envoy’s house. Social media was flooded with speculations that Khan had been snubbed by the US administration, and that the Pakistani government had offered to pay $250,000 for the State Department to arrange an official welcome/protocol of the visiting Pakistani premier, but it was refused. 

Acting Chief of Protocol, Mary-Kate Fisher, who had welcomed the Pakistan Prime Minister at the airport, accompanied him on the metro ride. The State Department later said the Acting Chief of Protocol had received the visiting Prime Minister, “as is standard for an Official Working Visit to the White House”.

Imran Khan, who is staying at the official residence of the Pakistani Ambassador to the US, Asad Majeed Khan, is to meet US President Donald Trump today. Khan, who was lustily greeted by members of the Pakistani expatriate community, later met with the Pakistani business community.

During his three-day visit, Khan is scheduled to meet IMF acting chief David Lipton and World Bank President David Malpass.