Having FOMO In Digital Marketing? Get Personal With Social

   By Power Corridors ,  18-Jun-2019
Having FOMO In  Digital Marketing?  Get Personal With Social

Nowadays consumers require and crave tailored experiences in order to woo them into buying a product/service, and it’s even truer when combined with personalized marketing

If you want to stand out in 2019, you need to personalize your marketing - where you craft a specific message for individual customers depending upon their needs. Personalization is the newest and biggest strategy in the modern digital marketing world and there are plenty of companies which provide the right content to the right audience.


Nowadays consumers require and crave tailored experiences in order to woo them into buying a product/service, and it’s even truer when combined with personalized marketing. In fact, 83% of marketer says that creating personalized content is their biggest challenge. But the idea is to curate marketing in such a way that it ‘feels’ personalized.

Personalization in social media marketing is cost efficient, engaging with better results and it is not too difficult to achieve, once you decode the various strategies available.

Before you add personalization to your social media Know your demographics thoroughly. Design a marketing strategy that will be classified into particular categories, and then develop campaigns in such a manner that it feels as if it is personally tailored for customers.

After all, a great personalized marketing strategy should tick the boxes of predicting what the customer wants even before they know that they even need it. It’s like providing solutions to the questions that are yet to develop.

Netflix successfully keeping its customer engagement with its viewing recommendation, using an algorithm which consistently being updated. Its get personalized for every individual aiming to captivate the right viewer to the right content, based upon their previous action.

With $9 billion in 2016, 30% increase year on year, its a strategy that ensures a significant increase in the chance of conversions from advertising to sale.

Note- More than 78% of customer will only pursue offer it they are customized to a previous engagement with the brand.


Personalized Retargeting campaigns

Retargeting is the practice of sending targeted advertising to people who’ve already interacted with your website in one way or another. And adding the personalizing touch to this will guarantee a better turnout. Just target these people with a separate, personalized message or with ads of similar products (show different varieties or higher quality or lower priced similar products), or maybe even vibrant ads of the same product that they had earlier browsed on the site.

This will eliminate the ‘Do I really need it?’ mindset and entice them into going for it.

With this, you can even show them ads of additional related and relevant products, once they have made the purchase. 


Personalized Video

The latest social media trend and obsession is videos. People love to watch quirky, lively short clips. So, hit them with innovative, gripping videos that pique the curiosity of the targets without being too aggressive on the advertising, to subtly influence them and make them take an interest in your brand.

The success story of MakeMyTrip personalized video with brand ambassadors Ranveer and Alia Bhatt delivers a clear message of reliability and perks of booking hotels online over all other means of travel booking. This video ad campaign aims to reach out to consumers with a clearly defined value of online hotel booking on MMT - be it a leisure or business travel to ensure a hassle-free experience.


Creating Personalized Quizzes

Of course, it is near impossible to beat the popular trend of participating in short, amusing and entertaining interactive quizzes, which Buzzfeed has popularized. Their silly personality quizzes are among the most shared, liked and interacted with pieces of content on Facebook.  So just take a page out of their book, use this as an inspiration and make the best of it. Create some of these quizzes using your product line. This will advertise not only these products but also the brand in general.

Further, there is one more advantage to using this strategy, which lies in the fact that these quizzes are passed along and shared amongst friends and family by the people, so you get an even better reach. This is optimizing your tools, at its best.

Take it a step further by being a little active on social media and implementing these small, easy to use methods of personalization in marketing on social media. And by getting involved in some innovative, engaging interactions with the public, one can create brand awareness and engagement. Measure metrics like engagement, clicks, and messages to your page instead of just sheer reach; this will show that you’re doing well in creating more relevant content as it creates a huge buzz among the people.