‘No substance’ in allegations against Subhash Ghai: Police

   By Power Corridors ,  05-Dec-2018
‘No substance’ in allegations against Subhash Ghai: Police

Movie mogul Subhash Ghai can heave a sigh of relief, as sexual harassment allegations against him have fallen flat. Actress Kate Sharma had filed a police complaint against him. 

Speaking to Mid-Day, she said, “Yes, I have informed the Mumbai police that I want to withdraw my complaint against Subhash Ghai. I want to take care of my family and my ailing mother instead of roaming here and there to get justice for whatever has happened to me.”

The cops, however, found that “no substance was found in the allegations made by the complainant.” In its report, the police wrote, “On recording the statement of all the witnesses present on the date of the reported incident (5th-6th August night) and on the statement of Subhash Ghai it appears that the complainant with the intention of breaking into the film industry took advantage of the birthday photographs taken at the office of Subhash Ghai and uploaded them on Facebook account and made the same available to Tehelka, a Youtube channel, claiming incorrectly that she was being launched in Subhash Ghai’s next film Aitraz 2.”

The police report further said, “Subhash Ghai was upset with this fake news and stopped communicating with Kate Sharma and Yogesh Sardana which upset the complainant and hence made allegations against Subhash Ghai. Later Kate gave the reason of her mother’s illness and withdrew her complaint stating that she had no further complaint. Since no substance was found in the allegations made by the complainant, the matter has been closed.”

Earlier, while talking to ANI, Sharma had said, “He [Ghai] called me at his house on August 6. Five-six people were present there, he asked me to give him massage. I massaged him and went to wash my hands, he followed me, called me to his room to talk and tried to kiss me.”