Glamour girl Elena Tuteja super excited about her role in 'Saavdhan India'

   By Power Corridors ,  01-Aug-2019
Glamour girl Elena Tuteja super excited about her role in 'Saavdhan India'

Elena Tuteja will next be seen in an Indian avatar in the show 'Saavdhan India'

Making her mark in the TV Industry is the Russia born actress Elena Tuteja. Elena will next be seen in an Indian character in the show 'Saavdhan India', where she will be playing 'Lolita' in an episode in the crime-based show. 

Elena had done her graduation at Moscow Teachers University after N.K. Krupskaya, where she got 3 diplomas in different fields - Art and crafts, English and Child psychology. Elena performed at Indian festivals along with different groups and solo as well. After a couple of years, she started teaching Bollywood dance to kids in school where she joined as a teacher of Art and crafts and English. 

As Elena was posing for photographers in Russia from time to time, she started getting offers to work as a model in India. This is how her career started. But after a while, her marital status came in the way of her career and realising this, she decided to participate in the national pageant. She applied for Mrs. India Earth 2017 and came as the 2nd runner-up. She also got Mrs. Charming Face title. 

On her recent work in 'Saavdhan India', she looks super exblockquoted about her character and has shares several pics of her on her social media page.

Right now she works as a model and an actress, looking forward to working in Bollywood. She also does social work using her Mrs. India Earth title.