Kangana Ranaut refuses to say sorry after fighting with journalist

   By Power Corridors ,  12-Jul-2019
Kangana Ranaut refuses to say sorry after fighting with journalist

Reacting to the ban imposed on her by the Entertainment Journalists’ Guild of India, Kangana Ranaut puts forth her stand in fresh videos that her sister Rangoli Chandel has tweeted

After the Entertainment Journalists’ Guild of India announced that they would continue their ban on Kanagana Ranaut till the time that the actor apologises for her spat with a reporter, sister Rangoli Chandel tweeted a video where Kangana can be seen talking about the Indian media.

Looking calm in a white salwar-suit, Kangana says in the video, “Today, I want to talk about the Indian media.  Everywhere there are good people as well as bad people. The media has often boosted and inspired me so much, it has also given me some great friends and guide in the media. They played a major role in my successful journey. Changing her tone and attitude as she sat straight up, Kangana continued, “But there is a section of media which is in our country and is attacking our country’s grace, honour, unityand integrity. They present their treacherous views in front of everyone. Our constitution does not have any clause for them and I feel these people, so called ‘liberals’ are a threat. They are nothing just ‘Pseudo Liberals’ and ‘Anti nationalists’. This journalist I met in Delhi, he has been making fun of my serious initiatives  such as - I campaigned for a ban on plastic recently and he made fun of it, he also made fun of my campaign against animal cruelty.” He even made fun of my film ‘Manikaranika’.

In a separate video, she further said, “These people do not have any proper argument or comment to make, like journalists are supposed to. All they do is talk rubbish and shit about people whether knowing the things properly. They just come to the press conferences to get free food. These people do not have any work to quantify their existence as a journalist. If I am calling  myself an artiste, I should have done some work so that I can proudly say that. Please show me one article that you wrote! How can you call yourself a journalist? I refused to answer his question as I have zero tolerance against anti-nationalists. And just after this incident  happened. These three or four people formed a guild against me, and banned me from giving me any media coverage . It does not even have any recognition.”

Balaji Telefilms and producer Ekta Kapoor tweeted their apology letter for Kangana’s spat with a journalist during a promotional event for their upcoming film song ‘Wakhra Swag’from the film  ‘Judgemental Hai Kya’ and the Entertainment Journalists’ Guild of India responded by saying that they accept the apology but would continue to boycott Kangana until the actor apologises for her misbehaviour. Ekta Kapoor’s banner, which is producing Ranaut’s next film JudgeMentall Hai Kya, did not name the actor but said it would like to apologise for the “untoward incident” at their event on Sunday that is 7th july 2019.

 “The Entertainment Journalists Guild appreciates Ekta Kapoor’s support and standing for what is right through her official statement. However, The media  will continue the ban on Kangana Ranaut across all media platforms.