Congress leader’s self-goal

   By Ravi Shanker Kapoor ,  22-Mar-2019
Congress leader’s self-goal

With enemies like Congress’s Indian overseas chief Sam Pitroda, Prime Minister Narendra Modi doesn’t need any friends.

With enemies like Congress’s Indian overseas chief Sam Pitroda, Prime Minister Narendra Modi doesn’t need any friends. Wooly-headed and ignorant, Pitroda has waded into a territory he knows little about—that of Islamabad’s terror export and India-Pakistan relations. In the process, he has made a fool of himself and helped Modi show his party, the Congress, in a bad light. “Eight people [26/11 terrorists] come and do something, you don’t jump on entire nation [Pakistan]. Naive to assume that just because some people came here and attacked, every citizen of that nation is to be blamed. I don’t believe in that way,” Pitroda told the news agency ANI.

The level of Pitroda’s ignorance is extraordinarily high. To begin with, they were not eight by ten terrorists who had attacked several places in November 2008. They were not madmen; they were zealous young men, inspired by the murderous jihadist ideology. Secondly, they didn’t come from nowhere; they came from Pakistan where they were indoctrinated, trained, and armed to slaughter infidels, which they did relentlessly and ruthlessly. They murdered all—men, women, children. Third, it is not just the deep state in Pakistan and the mushrooming madrassas that create terrorists. The human material is provided by Pakistani society, for its mores, values, ideas, and ideals have undergone extensive Islamization for decades. It started right after the Partition but gained momentum under Zia-ul-Haq.

There have been instances of mothers distributing sweets after the suicide bombings carried out by their sons. The long and the short of it is that the Pakistani state, society, and culture are complicit in jihadist terror. Pitroda was just blabbering: “I would like to know a little more because I read reports in the New York Times and other newspapers. Did we really attack? We really killed 300 people? I don’t know that. As a citizen, I am entitled to know and if I ask it is my duty to ask, that doesn’t mean I’m not a nationalist. That doesn’t mean I am on this side or that side. We need to know the facts. If you say 300 people were killed, I need to know that.” Did we really attack? Of course, we did. India has said that, Pakistan has said that, the entire world has accepted that. But he is still questioning. Signs of senility? The extent of damage is disputed, but how can an Indian—indeed a normal, rational human being—be blasé about “this side or that side”? It is indubitable that in the India-Pakistan conflict there is only one side that is in the right: India.

#SamPitroda, Indian Overseas #Congress Chief on #airstrike: If you say 300 people were killed,we all need to know that, all Indians need to know that. Global media says nobody was killed, I look bad as an Indian citizen. #BalakotAirStrike @adgpi

— Power Corridors (@power_corridors) March 22, 2019

Pakistan stands for jihad, terror, and mass murder. Modi was quick to lambaste and lampoon Pitroda. He rightly tweeted: Loyal courtier of Congress’ royal dynasty admits what the nation already knew—Congress was unwilling to respond to forces of terror.” Whatever Congress president Rahul Gandhi may do, whichever alliances he may forge, so long as he has nincompoops like Pitroda, he can never defeat Modi.