Think of yourself as PM: Modi to bureaucrats

   By Power Corridors ,  11-Jun-2019
 Think of yourself as PM: Modi to bureaucrats

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged his top bureaucracy to take initiatives in implementing the new government's agenda

Modi said that each of the secretaries should think of himself/herself as the PM while implementing the strategies for the development and growth of the country.


In an interaction where his administration tasked every ministry with preparing a 5 year plan along with a significant impactful decision that needs to be approved within 100 days. The 150-minute long session was meant to harness the bureaucracy to Improvement in ease of living.


This meeting was the same as the interaction with his secretaries after he took on in 2014 and the focus was on 'the ease of living'. Modi asked his ministries to speed up the decision making. "Modi said that the huge expectations of the people should not be viewed as a challenge, but an opportunity. He said the mandate reflects the will and aspirations of the people to change the status quo, and seek a better life for themselves," a government statement said.


This meeting was also attended by union ministers Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah, Nirmala Sitharaman and Jitendra Singh.