Can't forgive Azam Khan even if he apologises: Rama Devi

   By Power Corridors ,  27-Jul-2019
Can't forgive Azam Khan even if he apologises: Rama Devi

Azam Khan has been condemned by political leaders across the parties for his remarks

Bhartiya Janata Party Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker Rama Devi has said that she will not forgive Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan, even if he apologises for his remarks on her in parliament this week that were condemned by lawmakers across political lines as sexist. Rama Devi said that Azam Khan insulted the chair twice - once by making the comment and second by not apologising instantly.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member Rama Devi on Saturday said that she has the power to “face a man” like Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan.

“The Chair on which I sat belongs to all. Not just me. He has used such language for all the women in the country. The people of my parliamentary constituency have reposed faith in me and elected me. I have the power to face a man like you (Khan),” Rama Devi said in an interview.

During the debate on the Triple Talaq Bill in the Lower House on Thursday, Rama Devi had asked Khan to speak looking at the Chair and address the House through the presiding officer. Khan, however, made remarks that were perceived to be sexist by the treasury benches, triggering strong objections.

Rama Devi said she could have given a strong retort but didn't speak out of respect for the chair she held then.

"Every man has a mother, sister, daughter and wife. Azam Khan's remark is going to hurt not only women but also the dignity of men," she said.