By Power Corridors ,  18-Jun-2019

“Excellence develops after maturity, innovation follows excellence and excellence leads to leadership.”

As a nation of one and a quarter of a billion people, India needs to gear up against the numerous challenges that it faces in social, political, economic, geographical and other arenas.


Though India has made quite a progress since independence in spite of its own idiosyncrasies, still much need to be done in many different areas. What we all need is “POSITIVE INDIA - COMPETENT INDIA - PROJECTIZED INDIA” (PI-PI-CI) to keep India going with more vigor and vitality.



Positive Thinking is the mother of all virtues. If entire India becomes positive, much of the problems can be solved as it will unleash the true potential of this vibrant and diverse nation. The website www.plusapproach.org is dedicated to spread the positive thinking amongst the masses through articles, positive stories, quotes, presentations and other channels. Some of the direct advantages of positive thinking are as under:

Start seeing half glass of water as  “Half full” instead of “Half empty”

Transformation to “Can Do” approach

Always looking for solutions 


“Positivity leads to possibilities, which in turn give birth to options. Options pave the way to solutions. Thus positivity transforms problem to solution. It is the first theorem of Positivity.” – Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak



The second pillar towards making a strong India is competency building of the population in the professional areas of leadership, strategy, planning, soft skills etc. Competency helps enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness in achieving any given objective.

“Competency helps sharpen the sword of experience.” – Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak



Projectised India will help cultivate the time, cost and quality consciousness in the citizens which is absolutely critical to the development of this country. Every minute is a currency, which we are losing by wasting it. Projectised India will lead to progressive India. The progressive India will ultimately complement its positive and competent populace. The importance of other project related concepts like scope, execution, control and monitoring not only relate to projects but many facets of everyone’s life.

With this Vision in mind, we have started a movement called Positive India – Competent India - Projectized India. Positive attitude is compulsory to be able to identify the options & solutions and not keep struggling with the problems. Projectization of India is required to develop time consciousness and purpose, competency development is required to achieve the objectives efficiently and effectively. 

What is required is to provide project management & positive attitude and competency development to people right from village block levels up to highest offices in Government administration, include them in academics starting from secondary education stage. If we start working towards this objective from now on, may be 3-5 years down the line, we may start seeing the results.