By Power Corridors ,  17-Jun-2019

History jots down a name on the canvas of Indian politics - Narendra Damodar Das Modi !!

India keeps faith in Modi and the historic mandate of the 17th general assembly elections of India will remain the hot news for the next five years. The tsunami trumped everything whatever came its way. Modi wave swept country as voters saw election as a referendum on five years of his leadership.

In fact, trust in him was the best way among many which unpacked Modi’s steep rise. The Indian parliament now belongs to the BJP with majority seats on its own for the second consecutive term. The landslide victory is the reflection of the charisma imbibed in Modi. Rightly they say - Modi hai to Mumkin Hai! 

On one hand the Lok Sabha election verdict delighted the country, on the other hand it did not surprise the world either. BJP with 303 seats along with the 353-NDA-strength demonstrated the truth of its political dominance. Even the vote share of the Modi’s party rose from 48 to 51 percent this time. The country has become MODIfied. The saffron which was the target of raised fingers being accused of communal colour, is the matter of pride in Indian political arena today.

Needless to say. Modi did not leave anything to say. There was just one tsunami in the country and the Modi tsunami blew the entire opposition away like a dry leaf.  United We Stand phrase sounds the other way round inside opposition pavilions signifying United We Fall !!

The verdict is not an unexpected one at all and Modi has been projecting a sense of continuity as well. Also the BJP’s victory margin are bigger in the year 2019 in comparison with 2014.  It is the dividend for BJP and the credit goes to its ability to convert a parliamentary election into a presidential one.  No doubt there was a strong undercurrent of Hindu nationalism among BJP voters which interestingly was marked in the party’s new areas of growth too.

Apparently the country appears to have embraced nationalism and Modi the grand victory-crown by virtue of his DEVELOPMENT. Diligence of the millions of the Sangh workers has proved worthwhile. Within Hindustan, the confidence of the fearful Hindus has increased now after an era of seven decades witnessing the increasing fanaticism from the other end. At least good days of the Indian Hindus are here, thanks democracy.

Like in the country, Modi's victory was a celebration abroad too. People at the Trafalgar Square in London celebrated the victory of Modi with Bhangra. In countries like Australia, America and Britain Indians celebrated Modi Vijay.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated PM Modi When there was counting of votes still going on in India on the 23rd May afternoon itself, several heads of the western world started congratulating Modi well before the announcement of the final word of his sweeping victory. And it was begun with a call of congratulation by Modi's friend, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

Certainly, a positive message of Modi's victory is viral around  the world. Modi’s magnified image is now inspiration of many a power-blokes around the world. The global branding ambassador of India, PM Modi is going to be receiving even bigger support from across the globe now on.

But somewhere there is some insecurity too felt at the global level. Modi has only unfurled the message of amity across the global skies. He believes in walking hand in hand with the motto – sabka sath sabka vikas, be it the political community in India or outside, yet there is some element of disagreement with Modi’s handsome victory for some invisible reasons this time. For instance, the UK's Guardian in an editorial says that the landslide win for Modi will see "India's soul lost to a dark politics - one that views almost all 195 million Indian Muslims as second-class citizens".

Silence is abuzz in the biggest defeated camp. The historical verdict against the historical party is a clear hint. Modi’s handsome win cannot be without chronicling failure of congress and the complacency of its leadership. Congress did review the reasons behind its defeat just like they did in 2019. This time the CWC meet also insisted the originally reluctant visitor to politics, Rahul Gandhi to dispense wisdom getting rid of his desire against continuing as the party-chief, which he finally okayed. He had to. 

These general elections displayed some huge reversal in political idea of power. Blind voting is going to be obsolete. The days of kings and kingdoms now appear to be a thing of yore. Yuvraj Rahul lost in Amethi, Diggi Raja in Bhopal and Rajkumar Jyotiraditya Scindia in Guna.  The so-called honour of many leaders is inexistent now. People also defeated the accused of treason and Kanhaiya Kumar lost in Begusarai with a margin of four and a half lakh votes. Nationalim being the decisive element Dynastism is losing ground.

The defeat of the Prince of the Gandhi dynasty, Rahul at Amethi now breaks this myth along with his pride – ‘Rahul can never lose from Amethi!’

It was not just Congress defeat it was a decimation of literally every party in the opposition.  Only 23 parties won in these elections out of thousand political parties in India. Significantly the most unfortunate once who could not come out of zero even on their home grounds are the RJD, AIADMK, DMK, National Conference, TDP, CPI(ML), RLD, JMM, HAM.

Lotus blooms in west Bengal, turning the reactionary voting meaningless. BJP in roads are posing immediate threat to Mamta in her Bengal now. People of Bengal see new ray of hope in PM Modi’s leadership.   In Jammu and Kashmir National BJP has grabbed three seats and PDP faced rout on the other hand.  BJP does a clean sweep in 15 states including Delhi, Haryana, Himachal, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Gujarat. The party also succeeded in Eastward expansion.

Another ethical victory. For the Advaniji who was quoted by Rahul Gandhi –‘‘Modi threw him out of the party dais by kicking him down’’, Modi-Shah duo reached at the same Adwani’s door for his blessings after the historic victory.

In Amethi, Smriti Irani gave Rahul Gandhi the taste of Dhobi-Paat. Rahul hopes, Smriti will keep the public with great love in Amethi as if so far they were treated with knout by Rahul. Wayanad stood standby for him and proved handy for the predecessor of the Gandhi dynasty when he needed it most. Still in the political scenario today, the Gandhis do not seem to have any idea how to rebuild the ailing congress after the big loss.

Every vote of the country went to Modi. Now, BJP need not bother about polarization of any religion or caste votes in its favour. Hindus of India have voted for Modi with both hands. It is good to see, Modi's presence denies caste politics.

Where is Digvijay Singh? He should be found and reminded about what he uttered – ‘If I lose, I will bury myself alive in the grave.’ Hope he has not buried himself, though one must be keep his word in politics. 

Talk about Delhi, BJP dent AAP’s core vote base. The BJP gave rude jolt to AAP’s national dream. And now the next assembly stop for the saffron party is Delhi. On the other corner of the picture, it seems Congress has written itself off from Capital politics. Being realistic, even a Congress-AAP alliance could not have stopped the BJP sweep . Losing all seven seats both Congress and AAP leaders concede that the “Modi factor” played a major role in how people voted in the National Capital. Other than that Kejriwal’s negative campaigns also cost AAP the polls.  

India clearly disregarded politics of nepotism. Now honesty is the talk of the town. Markets climbed to a record high welcoming Modi and on the other corner of Indian geometry Burhan Wani’s close associate  Zakir Musa also got killed in Kashmir.

All good news from all sides for the saffron party now. Not only the Lok Sabha sees its highest women tally,  the NDA is set to get RS majority next year. The possibility of a change of guard cannot also be ruled out in view of strategising agenda for the three state polls this year. Now there are also murmurs of the state polls ahead this year coming as walkover for NDA.

In another good development, Prakashraj the great supporter of the TUKDE TUKDE GANG has also bitten the dust. Though the EC has made it clear pining no mismatch between VVPAT and EVM vote count, Mayawati is badly hurt and is accusing BJP high-jacked the electoral process by EVMs, saying that the whole country was opposing EVMs and after the verdict today the remaining faith of the public will also vanish. The heat of Mamta’s frustration is crossing the borders of West Bengal whereas the results and the defeat have literally silenced Mehbooba in Kashmir.

Chasing the sweeping victory was never easy for Bharteey Janata Party. How the Sangh pariwar shaped BJP’s victory march, is another detailed story. The BJP’s victory is also a vindication of its strategy of converting the polls into a presidential style contest. No matter who they were, sitting MPs or fresh faces – the contestants defeated anti-incumbency riding Modi wave. BJP’s ‘fresh face’ strategy helped roll back reverse in state polls. BJP also kept in mind the relevance to new-age voters as a necessity. Most importantly, earlier the MP used to make a PM but this time a PM made MPs.

The opposition tried their calculation with their Mahagathbandhan but the Mahagathbandhan maths lost to BJP appeal. Lack of coordination with disconnected campaign was among the key reasons behind Congress defeat.  SP-BSP alliance saw limited traction on ground. Amit Shah’s master plane derailed SP-BSP in the biggest parliamentary state, UP. The grand coalition failed to outshine BJP. Now it’s time to decide if it’s viable to stick together.

Complete consolidation in BJP strongholds, flexibility vis a vis alliance partners despite ideological friction and exploiting anti-incumbency in regions where the BJP was not the dominant  player, were the prime element of BJP election strategy towards its expansion.

Poll-pandits hold different factors responsible for BJP’s win. Some say the party used data to craft landslide win others say BJP’s performance is a result of deep social churn. However, now BJP can proudly proclaim that today no caste can be a slave to any party.  And the party has truly cemented its position as central pole of Indian politics.

They also say the BJP has enjoyed the benefit of doubt this time but the next five years will examine the strength of India’s institutions. And certainly growth trajectory is now going to be the key challenge.  Other than this, fixing jobs and rising inflation are among top challenges for new Modi government. Though boosting economy to bridging divide, the new PM has his task clearly cut out.

As far as the NDA is concerned, the faith placed in the BJP alliance is humbling and that gives the party strength.

PM Modi is going to begin his 2nd inning with a well-thought one thousand day agenda. The government 2.0 space flights to solar shift part of plan with all confidence in the run-up to 75 years of free India.

The saffron has surged across India. The popular party’s national competition came out to be a no-contest. The political fortune of the country’s topmost political leader Modi has been examined by the voters who are looking into the future. And for the PM now its time to reload and deliver all over again.

Of course, Narendra Modi owns this triumph and he will also own the aftermath. Now it’s government for all. Modi has set tone for the second term.