'Man vs Wild' episode featuring PM Modi to air tonight

   By Power Corridors ,  12-Aug-2019
'Man vs Wild' episode featuring PM Modi to air tonight

PM Modi will feature in the hugely popular Tv show "Man vs Wild"

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will join adventurer Bear Grylls in an episode the extremely popular TV show "Man vs Wild" which will air on Discovery Channel tonight at 9 pm.

"People across 180 countries will get to see the unknown side of PM @narendramodi as he ventures into Indian wilderness to create awareness about animal conservation & environmental change," Edward Michael Grylls, better known as Bear Grylls, had tweeted last month, sharing a teaser of the episode.


#WATCH Bear Grylls in Wales(UK): PM(Modi) is vegetarian, so there was going to be no eating of grubs or anything. But in the wild, you can survive very well off berries, roots, plants and certainly, PM spent his younger years in the wild, so he was very comfortable with that pic.twitter.com/2maEG4YXKg

— ANI (@ANI) August 10, 2019


"PM Modi is a man who cares deeply about the environment. That is why he came on this journey with me. He has actually spent time in the jungle as a younger man and I was surprised how comfortable he was out there and how calm he was," the 45-year-old British adventurer and show host said in an interview.

Mr Grylls spoked about his interactions with PM Modi and former US President Barack Obama, saying it was "really heartening to see such powerful men" standing up for protecting the environment.

"I have had a huge privilege of taking President Obama on a trip to Alaska a few years ago to show him the effects of climate change close up. They were similar, in the sense of being iconic global world leaders, but (trips were in) different terrains," he said.